Jennings Corrects: Kfar Saba Not in “Israeli Occupied Palestinian Territory”

On April 24, ABC’s Peter Jennings incorrectly reported the location of a Palestinian suicide bombing:

In the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories today, a Palestinian suicide bomber killed an Israeli security guard and injured 14 other people. He blew himself up at a train station during the morning rush hour. This is the first suicide attack in nearly a month.

A CAMERA member contacted the network three times that evening alerting producers to the fact that Kfar Saba, the location of the attack, is inside Israel and can in no way be considered “Israeli occupied Palestinian territory.” Jennings issued the following correction the next night:

Speaking of the violence, we made a mistake last night on our broadcast. Yesterday’s suicide attack by a Palestinian on Israelis took place in Israel itself, very near but not in the occupied territories, as we said.

Of course, all of Israel’s Mediterranean coastal towns are near the disputed territory, given that at some points the distance from the sea to the Green Line is a mere nine miles.

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