Los Angeles Times Corrects: West Bank, Gaza Not Annexed

CAMERA staff prompted the following correction in the Los Angeles Times today regarding a news article which wrongly stated that Israel had annexed the West Bank and Gaza:

Error (Los Angeles Times, Peter Wallsten and Tyler Marshall, 4/11/05): By asserting Israel’s right to expand Maale Adumim, Sharon is underscoring his stated goal of giving up Gaza while consolidating Israel’s grip on major settlements in the West Bank, an area of greater importance to most Israelis, analysts said. Both territories were annexed in the 1967 war.

Correction (4/13/05): Texas summit — An article in Monday’s Section A about Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s meeting with President Bush said Israel annexed the Gaza Strip and West Bank in 1967. In fact, the territories were captured and occupied by Israel but not formally annexed, except for East Jerusalem and some adjacent West Bank land.

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