NPR Corrects Error in Gaza Story

To their credit, NPR representatives promptly corrected an error regarding the identity of recent victims of rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel when alerted to the problem by CAMERA:
Error  (NPR, Frank Browning, May 29, 2007)
“The French Foreign Ministry called on both Israel and Palestinian fighters to curb the violence and return to the established cease fire. The statement strongly condemns Palestinian rocket attacks into Israel launched from Gaza and – while noting Israel’s legitimate rights of self defense – it called on the Israelis to exercise restraint. 46 Palestinians and two Israeli soldiers have died in recent days…”
Correction (June 1, 2007)
“Here’s another correction. In a news story on Monday, NPR stated that 46 Palestinians and two Israeli soldiers died in recent rocket attacks in and around Gaza. In reality, the two Israelis killed were not soldiers; they were civilians.”

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