Al Jazeera English

Joseph Massad’s Falsehoods, Columbia’s Embarrassment

Joseph MassadJoseph Massad's "Truth, facts and facts on the ground" (Al Jazeera English) is remarkable for the sheer number of falsehoods by the Columbia professor that cast all blame for the Arab-Israeli conflict onto Israel, while portraying the Palestinians as blameless victims.

Al Jazeera’s “Real News” Comes With a Cost

Al Jazeera's reporting on the unrest in the Middle East has received increasing attention. That should not obscure serious concerns that its coverage is biased in favor of an Islamic fundamentalist agenda.

Editorializing the “Palestine Papers”

It was a victory for Guardian and al Jazeera spin when some ostensibly objective media organizations were swayed by the advocacy journalism associated with the publication of the so-called "Palestine Papers."

A Comfortable Platform for Carter

Carter continues to plug his new book, venturing outside the mainstream media with outlets like Comedy Central's "Daily Show" and Al Jazeera English. His falsehoods fit nicely with Jon Stewart's satirical boast of "zero credibility."