Algemeiner Corrects Caption on Deadly Terror Attack

CAMERA prompted corrections after a caption mistakenly referred to a deadly terror attack in Kiryat Arba as "attempted." In fact, as the accompanying article itself made clear, the Palestinian terrorist succeeded in fatally shooting Israeli Ronen Hanania.

Media Mislead on Palestinian Elections and Israel’s Oslo Obligations

With Abbas' cancellation of elections on the pretext that Israel has not said it will permit voting in eastern Jerusalem, some reports mislead on Israel's Oslo-mandated responsibilities concerning Palestinian elections. As for Palestinian electoral responsibilities under Oslo, those simply aren't on the radar.

Reuters Errs on ‘Palestinian Soldiers’

UPDATE: "[P]er the Oslo Accords, the PA is not permitted a conventional military but maintains security and police forces," the CIA Factbook rightly notes. CAMERA prompts corrections in English, Arabic and Spanish after Reuters mischaracterized Palestinian security officers and police as "soldiers."

CAMERA Op-Ed: Whitewashing Hamas

An Op-Ed in The Hill laments "Gaza's plight" while omitting any mention of Hamas, the U.S.-designated terror group that rules the Strip.