CAMERA Op-Ed: Whitewashing Hamas

An Op-Ed in The Hill laments "Gaza's plight" while omitting any mention of Hamas, the U.S.-designated terror group that rules the Strip.

CAMERA Prompts Corrections on Aid to Nepal

Several media outlets, citing CNN, incorrectly reported that Israel's aid delegation to Nepal was the largest of any country's. In fact, India sent the largest team. CAMERA prompted corrections at the Times of Israel, Algemeiner and i24news.

Is the UCC Headed for Another Bout of Anti-Israelism?

The United Church of Christ's decision to invite anti-Israel radical Rev. Mitri Raheb to speak at the its General Synod indicates the denomination is ready to jump back on board the anti-Israel bandwagon that it left in 2007.

Liberating Theater J from Diva Ari Roth

Defenders of ousted Theater J artistic director Ari Roth portray him as a martyr to artistic freedom. Doing so excuses theatrical anti-Israel agit-prop. On-stage fiction, yes; defamation no.

Media Misstate Palestinian ‘Statehood’ Dodge

News media failures to scrutinize the latest “Palestinian statehood” maneuver mirror reporting lapses during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge. A CAMERA Op-Ed suggested that pro-Palestinian blinkers again got in the way.