Israelis massacred while BBC World Service radio amplifies Hamas propaganda

The unprecedented multi-front attacks on Israelis carried out by the terrorist group Hamas on October 7th included thousands of missile attacks, the indiscriminate murders of dozens of civilians and the wounding of hundreds of others, the bombing of an ambulance and kidnappings. But even with these ISIS-style attacks the BBC maintained its usual practice of portraying Palestinian terrorists as 'militants.'

Debunking the Media Narrative on West Bank Violence

According to many recent flawed news accounts, the “flare-up” in violence began only with the introduction of a new Israeli government and has been driven by extremist Israelis. The data, however, disagrees. Not only did the “flare-up” begin long before the current government took power in November 2022, but it has been overwhelmingly driven by Palestinian attacks.

BBC’s Modern Blood Libel

After robust pushback by the Jewish community and organizations, the BBC has (semi) apologized for a modern-day blood libel put forth by one of its news presenters, Anjani Gadgil, who has since erased her twitter and linkedin accounts.