Churches for Middle East Peace


Questions Lawmakers Should Ask CMEP Leader Mae Cannon

The main challenge to Churches for Middle East Peace and other Christian peacemakers is this: Can Christian peacemakers work in good conscience  to achieve the rights of self-determination of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza when their leaders have refused to acknowledge the same right of Jews living in Israel?

Mae Cannon’s Distorted Ethic of Care

Mae Cannon, a well-known propagandist who used her position at World Vision as a base to de-legitimize the Jewish state, is now using her position at Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) to do the same thing.

Mae Cannon Brings Her Mischief to CMEP

Mae Cannon, the newly appointed executive director of Churches for Middle East Peace, is unable or unwilling to address some of the more intractable obstacles to peace between Arab and Jew in the Holy Land.