The Economist Glamorizes the Lion’s Den Terror Cell

In much of the reporting about Israel and the Middle East, terrorist organizations are entirely absent. In a recent article in the Economist, however, terror groups are the focus – but the effects of terrorism are glossed over, and the members are glamorized as if they were social media influencers.

Economist’s Nicolas Pelham Deceives About Christians

Days before Pope Francis' arrival, Haaretz takes the highly irregular step of republishing an Op-Ed that appeared earlier this month. While some revisions were made to Nicolas Pelham's piece, basic deceptions remain about the Holy Land's Christians.

CiF Watch Prompts Economist Correction

CiF Watch, a CAMERA affiliate, has prompted a rare correction at the Economist on an article which incorrectly reported on American Jewish views on Israel and Iran.

The Economist Squeezes Out the Truth

In a May 4th article in print and online, The Economist inverts the facts, casting a Palestinian attempt to take over land in the West Bank by erecting illegal structures as an Israeli land grab.

Media Embrace E1 Falsehoods

Instead of investigating activist claims that the building in E1 bisects the West Bank and cuts off access to Jerusalem, much of the media has simply echoed the false accusations.