Globe and Mail

      Year-End Globe and Mail Article Blames Israel for Ills in Region

      Toronto's Globe and Mail is considered Canada's most prestigious and influential newspaper but  Global Affairs reporter Patrick Martin misleads readers with a one-sided account of the conflict that indicts Israel and all but ignores Palestinian terrorism.

      Too Many at Once

      When Islamist terrorists murdered more than 50 Christians at a Church in Baghdad on Oct. 31, they overwhelmed the capacity of Western intellectuals to sweep Islamist violence under the rug.

      Updated: The Globe and Mail’s False Witness

      Carolynne Wheeler, a freelancer for the Globe and Mail, writes as if she were on the scene of  the Sharon-Abbas meeting, stating "Palestinian leaders left the meeting in Mr. Sharon's flag-draped residence in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City grim-faced." Only, she couldn't have been there, because the summit actually took place in the western part of the city, not the Old City. Other journalists have been fired pretending to attend events.