AP, DPA and Haaretz Correct Captions on Ibrahim Abu Thuraya

CAMERA prompts corrections at AP, DPA and Haaretz's English edition, where captions stated as fact that Israel was responsible for Ibrahim Abu Thuraya's death, despite unclear circumstances. The captions also wrongly said he lost his legs in an Israeli bombing.

Haaretz Corrects About Judaism’s Holiest Site

CAMERA today prompts correction of an Haaretz article wrongly identified the Western Wall as "Judaism's holiest site." (That distinction belongs to the Temple Mount.) Another "Haaretz, Lost in Translation," the error had appeared only in the paper's English edition.

Haaretz Adds Information on Marwan Barghouti’s Murder Convictions

One day after The New York Times' editor's note acknowledged that "controversial Palestinian activist Rasmeah Odeh" was convicted of a deadly bombing in Israel, Haaretz amends an article to adds the crimes of "convicted Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti": five counts of murder.

Haaretz Prints Correction on BDS Activists That Weren’t

CAMERA prompts correction of a Haaretz photo caption which erroneously identified anti-BDS (boycott, divest, sanctions) activists as BDS activists. The caption error ironically accompanied a column about the "imaginary demon" of BDS.

Glass Houses, Haaretz and Neo-Nazi Fans

Haaretz takes the prime minister's son to task for "an anti-Semitic collage he posted to the exultant cheers" of a former KKK leader. Meanwhile, guess how many times neo-Nazis, including the same David Duke, gleefully feted Haaretz content.

CAMERA Prompts Wave of Corrections on Shamasneh Family Eviction

CAMERA prompts several corrections after multiple media outlets stated as fact that the Shamasnehs, evicted from their Sheik Jarrah home, had lived there since 1964, making them "protected tenants." Times of Israel, Haaretz and The Jerusalem Post correct: The courts found no evidence of residency prior to 1968, and thus the family did not have that status.

Did Benny Morris Change His Views on Alleged Zionist Ethnic Cleansing Plan?

Daniel Blatman writes in Haaretz that Benny Morris (at left) contradicts his earlier research when he claims that pre-state Zionist leaders did not have a grand plan to expel Palestinian Arabs. Morris maintains that for decades his position has been consistent. Which historian is correct?