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UPDATED: Mazin Qumsiyeh Lacks Credibility

Twice within two weeks, newspapers have had to correct false statements by anti-Israel activist Mazin Qumsiyeh. These two corrections, along with the many other erroneous statements by Qumsiyeh which have passed uncorrected, reveal a disregard for facts that should be a red flag for those considering reading–or publishing–his diatribes. Update: Qumsiyeh responds to CAMERA's critique.

Thumbs Down to Mazin Qumsiyeh

THUMBS DOWN to Mazin Qumsiyeh for the many outright errors in his November 3, 2002 cover story, "The Cucumber and the Cactus," in the Hartford Courant's Northeast Magazine.

Thumbs Up to Elissa Papirno

THUMBS UP to Hartford Courant associate editor and reader representative Elissa Papirno for a Dec. 3, 2000, column in which she examines recent errors by Courant writer Amy Pagnozzi regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In her piece, entitled "Pagnozzi on The Palestinians," Papirno reminds readers that "opinion writing, like any writing in the newspaper, must rest on an accurate depiction of reality, and there [Pagnozzi's] columns fell short."