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CAMERA Op-Ed: The Propaganda of Marc Lamont Hill

A column in the Huffington Post by self-declared "intellectual" Marc Lamont Hill represents the sort of disinformation that is rooted in a bigoted worldview where the Jewish state is considered illegitimate and a terrorist regime like Hamas’ is seen as one to be bolstered.

Huffington Post Arabic Removes Scare Quotes from “Israel”

In a passing reference to Israel, Syrian blogger Ragheb Bakresh used scare quotes, as if the country's existence is questionable at best. In response to communication from CAMERA Arabic, Huffington Post Arabic removed the quotation marks.

Huffington Post Arabic Removes Hamas Propaganda

In response to communication from CAMERA and its new Arabic department, the Huffington Post removes clips lifted from Hamas' Shehab News Agency, including a caption which refers to Israel as "the enemy" and "the occupation."

CAMERA Prompts Corrections to Arabic-Language HuffPost

CAMERA recently reported on several errors in a HuffPost Arabi article about Jerusalem. Following communication with CAMERA's new Arabic-language department, some — though not all — of the errors have been corrected.