International Herald Tribune

IHT Corrects Erroneous Headline on Building Materials for Gaza

Following communication with CAMERA, the International Herald Tribune corrects a headline which had erroneously stated that Israel allowed building materials to enter Gaza for the first time in years. While AP and IHT both corrected, NPR, the LA Times and others have yet to do so.

UPDATED: International Herald Tribune Caption Challenged, Again

You wouldn't know it from the caption, but the tear-gas-engulfed Palestinians were part of a stone-throwing crowd; they were not in Ramallah, but at a Jerusalem crossing; and they were demonstrating on behalf of Hana Shalabi, an Islamic Jihad member.

International Herald Tribune Falls for Unverified AFP Image

The IHT runs an AFP photograph of a Palestinian worker allegedly injured after an Israeli soldier ran a trailer over his legs. At best, there is zero independent confirmation that he was injured. At worst, the photo is staged.

CAMERA Prompts Corrections on Palestinian Refugees

CAMERA staff elicited corrections in the New York Times and in the International Herald Tribune concerning the number of Palestinian refugees from the 1948 and 1967 wars. An article appearing in both papers grossly overstated the figure.