International Herald Tribune

CAMERA Prompts International Herald Tribune Correction on ‘Palestine’

CAMERA staff prompted the following correction at the International Herald Tribune, clarifying that that Mahmoud Abbas is the president of the Palestinian Authority, not "Palestine." This correction is an important reminder that "Palestine" is not currently a political entity, a fact that is often overlooked by many European media outlets

CAMERA Obtains NYT/IHT Correction on Palestinian Refugees

CAMERA obtained corrections in the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune regarding a Dec. 16, 2004 news analysis by Neil MacFarquhar which grossly inflated the number of Palestinian refugees inhabiting refugee camps since 1948.

IHT Op-Ed Claims ‘No Incitement’ in Palestinian Textbooks

Roger Avenstrup, an international education consultant, made a startling claim in the International Herald Tribune: Palestinian textbooks do not, in fact, contain incitement against Israel. His astounding conclusion is partly based on distortions and selective quotations from studies of the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information, as well as on misrepresentations of the outcomes from a U.S. Senate subcommittee hearing and a European Parliament political committee.

From Tragedy to Propaganda: Rachel Corrie and ISM

Columns marking the one-year anniversary of the death of Rachel Corrie ignored or minimized the role of International Solidarity Movement, which recruited Corrie to be a "human shield" in Gaza.

Cooked Up Charges Against Israel

Jonathan Cook, a free-lance writer whose tendentious articles charging Israel with gross wrongdoing frequently appear in Egypt's Al-Ahram, in addition to other publications in the Muslim world, has received a pass from fact-checkers at the International Herald Tribune.

International Herald Tribune Demolishes the Facts

When New York Times reporter Jayson Blair resigned amid controversy in May 2003, the Gray Lady sought to put its house in order by cutting down on factual errors. Evidently that new focus on accountability and accuracy has yet to rub off on the International Herald Tribune, which is owned by the Times and publishes material by its reporters and columnists.