Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times: Israelis Died, Palestinians Killed

According to The Los Angeles Times, some 1400 Israeli side "died" in the Israel-Hamas war while some 9000 Palestinians were "killed." With this egregious whitewash of Hamas' ISIS-like atrocities, ethical journalism dies alongside 1400 Israelis.

The Hamas-UN-LA Times Echo Chamber

A leading terror organization has mastered the art of the echo chamber, enlisting a leading Western media outlet to falsely cast its claims as independently verified by a supposedly authoritative international body, thereby repackaging them as authentic and reliable.

Tailspinning Journalism: The Nimbus Antics of LA Times’ Suhauna Hussain

One of the LA Times' infamous journalists against journalism, Suhauna Hussain defies the playing rules of ethical journalism with contortions and evasions. With Quidditch-worthy stunts of fictional narrative, she advocates on behalf of anti-Israel partisans opposed to Google's Nimbus contract with Israel.

[Updated] Is Judicial Reform a Threat to Israeli Democracy?

The new Israeli government plans fundamental legal reforms to fix perceived vast overreach by the Supreme Court and the legal system. Critics charge the reforms foreshadow the demise of democracy. But would the reforms actually move Israel closer to the system in other parliamentary democracies?

As Israel Forms Right-Wing Coalition, LA Times Corrects on Threats to Gays, Non-Orthodox Jews

CAMERA prompts corrections after The Los Angeles Times erroneously reported that Netanyahu's new far-right partners have "threatened to criminalize homosexuality and ban non-Orthodox Jews from Israeli citizenship." Proposed changes regarding both homosexuals and non-Orthodox Jews are significant and in no way should not be taken lightly. But neither should they be misreported.