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Oprah Winfrey Shows Bias

In the forefront of defending women's rights worldwide, Oprah takes a one-sided approach on the Mideast conflict

The Times’ Compromised Coverage of the Columbia Controversy

Since the release last fall of the documentary film Columbia Unbecoming in which students accused professors in the Middle East studies department of academic intimidation, Columbia University has been embroiled in a controversy which garnered international headlines.

Whitewashing ISM

Members of the pro-Palestinian group openly condone terrorism, but to many journalists they are "peace activists."

The Unscholarly Scholar

Professor Juan Cole of the University of Michigan, editor of the International Journal of Middle East Studies. makes politically motivated blunders.

Palestine is Still the Issue (2003)

Written and Presented by John Pilger English 53 minutes
Australian-born, London-based journalist and filmmaker John Pilger does not pretend to deliver an objective view of his subject matter.  In Pilger's world, events are seen through a lens in which America and Israel are foremost villains. And Pilger's 2002 film, "Palestine is Still the Issue," is devoted to villifying Israel as a terrorist state.

“Covering” or “Covering Up” a Palestinian Solidarity Rally?

“A stand for freedom” read the headline of a recent New Jersey Star Ledger editorial (July 20) commending New Jersey Governor McGreevey for allowing an upcoming pro-Palestinian conference at Rutgers University devoted to divestment from Israel. The event will also “celebrate Palestinian resistance.”