PBS Doubles Down on Anti-Israel Films

PBS receives federal funds through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting so it must maintain “strict adherence to objectivity and balance in all programs or series of programs of a controversial nature.” By airing two back-to-back anti-Israel films, PBS documentary series POV violates this rule.

Updated: PBS Gaza Coverage Partisan, Shoddy, Unbalanced

PBS’ "Newshour" aired back-to-back stories about Gaza and Israel resuming normal life. The Gaza segment is filled with civilians and devastation. In contrast, viewers do not see a single Israeli victim of Hamas rockets, nor is there one shot of destruction in southern Israel.

PBS Corrects Erez Crossing Error

In response to CAMERA and public complaint, PBS Newshour corrected its inaccurate reference to Erez as the only crossing point between Israel and Gaza.

Chris Hedges the Facts, Truth

On PBS' Bill Moyers program, Chris Hedges makes a number of revealing assertions about journalism, truth, and Israel coverage. Surprisingly, he emphasizes the importance of fact-checking, something that was sorely lacking in his own Gaza reporting.

Mearsheimer on PBS: Nuclear Weapons are Weapons of Peace

On PBS Newshour, John Mearsheimer, author of the "Israel Lobby," asserts " a nuclear-armed Iran would bring stability to the region." He also offers reassurance that "they have hardly any offensive capability at all."

Time to Enforce Balance at PBS, NPR

USA Today (online, March 4) published CAMERA's call, by Washington director Eric Rozenman, for public broadcasting to finally conduct mandatory objectivity and balance oversight of NPR and PBS.

Inside Israel’s Army (2009)

Produced by Michal Zilberman and Michele Mitchell NOW (PBS) Host: David Bracaccio 60 minutes Aired on July 17, 2009
This review looks at two incisive documentaries: that aired on PBS, one about efforts to build peace in Jenin and the other about Israeli reservists who served during war with Lebanon and Gaza.

Heart of Jenin (2009)

Edited for PBS' Wide Angle TV episode from the original German documentary "Das Herz von Jenin" Produced and directed by: Leon Geller and Markus Vetter English, German 52 minutes
The film tells a story about breaking down barriers between Palestinians and Jews, but it falls back onto the usual formula portrayal of callous Israelis and blameless Palestinians.

Jimmy Carter (Still) Shills for Hamas

Former President Jimmy Carter established himself as the preeminent spokesperson for Hamas in the U.S. during his recent appearence on Charlie Rose.