Philadelphia Inquirer

An Inquiry for The Philadelphia Inquirer

Why did a Philadelphia Inquirer version of a Washington Post article omit key information about Palestinian Arab terror attacks against Israelis?

Philadelphia Inquirer Deceives By Omission

The newspaper relays that a Palestinian boy was playing soccer when he was injured by an Israeli tank shell, leaving readers to believe the Israelis targeted sport-playing children — but the omitted details show otherwise.

Philadelphia Inquirer Discovers Hate Education – by Israelis

On July 22, the Philadelphia Inquirer published an unsigned editorial that, with unabashed moral equivalency, obscures the differences between Israel and its neighbors in terms of hate education, and erases the asymmetry between Israel and Hezbollah.

Same Old Hamas, Same Old Media?

Despite its victory in Palestinian parliamentary elections, Hamas remains the same old organization committed to Israel's destruction. News consumers might be forgiven, however, for thinking the group has reformed, because much of the American media appears eager to minimize threats to Israel and to blame the Jewish state for all lack of progress in Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy.

Media Excuses Palestinian Destruction of Synagogues

As the IDF left the Gaza Strip, ending the Israeli presence there, Palestinians looted, burned and destroyed the synagogues left behind. One can only imagine the international outcry had Israelis destroyed even one deserted Muslim mosque, but here much of the media, justified the rampaging and turned the tables to criticize Israel.