PRI (Public Radio International)

PRI Uses Tax Dollars to Promote Anti-Israel Book List

Undeterred by a federal statute calling for "objectivity and balance," Public Radio International encourages its listeners to turn to partisan resources — including Jimmy Carter's error-filled, anti-Israel polemic — for information about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The World Reports Objectively on Christian Support for Israel

A recent “The World” news broadcast produced jointly by WGBH, BBC and PRI has demonstrated that fair and accurate coverage of Israel on public radio is not an impossible standard. On the Nov. 20 broadcast, which was aired by public radio stations around the United States, Aaron Schachter reported on the American Christian right's support for Israel and for the Israelis living in settlement communities.

The World’s Version of Mideast History

From May 20 through May 24, 2002, The World's Patrick Cox presented a five-part special report entitled "A Middle East History," where he attempted to sum up the complex history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in brief soundbytes, drawing heavily on Arab propaganda claims, omitting relevant information, and skewing the facts.