San Francisco Chronicle

      Inciting in Plain Sight

      The Ibdaa Cultural Center which serves the young people living in Deheishe refugee camp allows the interior of its building to be used to incite hostility toward Israel and valorize acts of violence.

      Second Update: Journalists Ignore Threat to Public Square

      Anti-Israel activists are exhibiting naked hostility toward Jews at rallies throughout North America. Media coverage of this hostility has been scant, leaving citizens to rely on amateur videographers for information about this development.

      License to Err on SF Chronicle Opinion Pages

      The San Francisco Chronicle claims to "strive for accuracy" and promises to "quickly correct errors or misleading statements." Yet its opinion pages serve as a haven for patently inaccurate anti-Israel allegations, and no corrections appear to be forthcoming.

      Religious Tension and Shooting–But Little Press–in Bethlehem

      An underage Christian girl from Bethlehem runs away with her older Muslim beau. Her outraged father tries to retrieve her and is turned back by armed men threatening to kill him. Bethlehem's Christians violently demonstrate, and Palestinian police shoot into the crowd, injuring more than a dozen. This all actually happened in Bethlehem, but you wouldn't know it from following the mainstream press.