San Francisco Chronicle

UPDATED: San Francisco Chronicle Op-Ed Distorts Israeli History

In its extensive coverage of Israel's targeted killing of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, founder and supreme leader of Hamas, the San Francisco Chronicle included an op-ed by Arab propagandist Mazin Qumsiyeh. The column distorted Israeli history in several ways. (The same day, the paper ran its own similarly themed editorial, yet no opinion piece appeared carrying exclusively Israeli views of the Yassin killing.)

San Francisco Chronicle Headline Omits Israeli Casualties

"Deadly Gaza Suicide Blast Idles 4000; Palestinians among 7 hurt at gateway to jobs in Israel" is how the
San Francisco Chronicle headlined its Jan. 15 story on four Israelis killed at a Gaza checkpoint by Hamas's
first female suicide bomber.

Chronicle Examines European Anti-Semitism

Three San Francisco Chronicle staff-writers teamed up to author an impressive piece on the scope and severity of European anti-Semitism. The page-one Dec. 14 article detailed "the phenomenon of extreme criticism of Israel morphing into bigotry against Jews as a people."

Chronicle Editorial Misrepresents Bush Quote

The San Francisco Chronicle's June 26 editorial entitled "Stop-and-go on Mideast truce" misrepresents the U.S. position vis-a-vis Hamas and distorts the widely quoted words of President Bush regarding the group's potential declaration of a cease-fire, "I'll believe it when I see it."