Seattle Post-Intelligencer

AP Corrects: US Embassy Not in Tel Aviv After All

The Associated Press, which boasts "world-class journalism" and "global expertise," has been embroiled in a number of recent gaffes in its coverage of Israel and the Palestinians. The latest is a series of captions yesterday which misplaced the U.S. Embassy, moved to Jerusalem in 2018 amid great fanfare and controversy, back in Tel Aviv.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Publishes CAMERA Op-Ed

After two opinion pieces in the Post-Intelligencer celebrated Seattle's hosting of a play about International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activist Rachel Corrie, a CAMERA guest column pointed out that the ISM's extremist ideology distorts understanding of the Middle East. The newspaper's summary of CAMERA's column reads: "Her death was tragic, but the group mentoring Corrie was geared toward more toward building hatred against Israel than toward forwarding peace."

Updated: Letters and Limitations

Letters with provocative ideas that threaten the status quo may be inflammatory, but thay are an entirely appropriate part of civil discourse. Such ideas should–and will–be published as letters to the editor in mainstream papers. There is, however, a line that most decent publications understand should not be crossed.

CAMERA Op-Ed Published in Seattle Post-Intelligencer

In the intense media coverage accompanying Yasser Arafat's death, the man known to many as the "father of modern terrorism" is benefiting from an "extreme make-over," as some news reports and columns airbrush history to exclude his actual deeds.