What The NY Times, Telegraph Missed on Netanyahu Government Guidelines

The New York Times and The Telegraph point to Netanyahu's new government guidelines which don't mention a Palestinian state as evidence of his intransigence. But for decades, successive governments, including those who negotiated, didn't mention a Palestinian state in their guidelines.

Those Intransigent ‘Moderates’ of Fatah

 When the two Palestinian movements announced their newest unity pact late in April, news media distinguished 'moderate' Fatah from 'militant' Hamas. But the word The Washington Post and other outlets needed was pragmatic, not moderate.

Thumbs Up to Daniel Johnson

THUMBS UP to Daniel Johnson for an incisive Daily Telegraph column (August 21, 1999) about revelations in Commentary magazine that Edward Said, famed Columbia University professor and alleged Palestinian refugee, had largely fabricated his accounts of a childhood spent in Jerusalem.