Time Magazine

Time Magazine’s Two Standards on Economic Success

Time Magazine is at it again. Shortly after its story playing on anti-Semitic stereotypes of materialistic Israelis, it published an article about materialism in Ramallah — this time without criticism of Palestinians being more concerned with the good life than peace.

Time Magazine Promotes Anti-Jewish Prejudice

In its Sept. 13 edition, Time shocked many readers with a cover image of a Jewish star comprised of daisies with the title "Why Israel Doesn't Care About Peace." The article, while not quite as slanderous as the cover, nevertheless contains fallacies and invokes anti-Semitic stereotypes.

New Negotiations, Old Biases

David Gardner The Financial Times' David Gardner, led the way in presenting biased, incendiary coverage of the newly-launched Israeli-Palestinian talks. Name-calling, smears and propaganda trumped facts, context and objectivity. 

UPDATED: Radical, Pro-Hamas “Flotilla” Seeks Media Win

Radical Europeans, far-left Americans and pro-Hamas Islamists may have little else in common, but they've come together for a week of agitprop called the "Freedom Flotilla" aimed at pressuring Israel to relax its naval embargo on Gaza. The question is will journalists report who the players really are and what they're up to? 

Gaza Flotilla Crisis Yields More Coverage, More Bias

In the aftermath of Israel's operation to prevent pro-Palestinian radicals from violating the naval blockade on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, media organizations are again focusing on Israel and its opponents in a way reminiscent of the onset of the second Palestinian "intifada."

A Checkpoint Checkup

Crowded QalandiaThe AP reported on how long it takes Palestinians to get through the "humiliating" Qalandia checkpoint near Jerusalem. They omitted that it was quicker than travelers get through security checkpoints at some major US airports.

Second Gaza: Time’s Tim McGirk Creates a Virtual Reality

In Time magazine's virtual world, Gaza has no Qassams, is surrounded by Israel and a concrete wall, and the U.S. and Israel urge the beating of women protesters — and this alternate reality is passed off as news.