Time Magazine

Question to Time Magazine: Who Are Hezbollah’s Intended Targets?

Time Magazine prints a photo of an injured Israeli girl under the headline "Unintended Targets: Fighting between Israel and Hizballah takes its toll on the most vulnerable." Israeli children are unintended targets? Nasrallah doesn't really mean to hit them?

CNN Tilts Sharon, Arafat Profiles

In celebration of CNN's first 25 years, the network collaborated with Time magazine to broadcast a special highlighting "the top 25 most fascinating people." Ranking 15 and 10 are Ariel Sharon and Yasir Arafat. CNN's treatment of the two leaders is itself fascinating because it gives disproportionate play to Palestinian grievances against Sharon, and downplays Arafat's terrorism.

Time’s Tony Karon Rewrites U.N. Resolution 242

Time.com senior editor Tony Karon wrongly suggests that U.N. Resolution 242 calls on Israel to withdraw to its 1967 boundaries. He cites the view of the Arab world and the "international community" to make his case, but ignores the explicit words of the resolution's drafters.

Time Magazine Whitewashes Hamas, Tars Sharon

In a case of inverting truth, a Time Magazine photo essay presented a skewed, pejorative characterization of Sharon but a euphemistic picture of Hamas terrorists...

Time Magazine’s One-Sided Feature on Palestinians

In its August 19, 2002 edition, Time Magazine published a one-sided portrait of Palestinian grievances omitting crucial context. In photographs by James Nachtwey, whose full photo essay is displayed on Time's website
(www.time.com), and an article by Matt Rees reporting from Beit Jala, Time focused exclusively on Palestinian
perspectives of the current Israeli-Palestinian crisis.

Media Ducks Arab Anti-Semitism in Suha Story

There is a vivid lesson about the media to be drawn from coverage of Suha Arafat's public calumny alleging Israel uses "poisonous gas" against Palestinians and contaminates "80% of [their] water sources."

CNN Misfires on Terrorism

CNN's July 28th special, "Acts of Terror," presented in collaboration with Time magazine, should be studied in journalism schools. It is a guide to the ills of the profession, but above all to the menace of anti-Israel bias.