Times of Israel

Times of Israel Clarifies on Stevie Wonder and BDS

BDS advocates have a history of falsely claiming victory, asserting, for instance, that Meg Ryan and Bruce Willis cancelled appearances in Israel thanks to BDS. Now, Times of Israel clarifies: Stevie Wonder had cancelled a Los Angeles benefit concert, not an Israeli performance.

Times of Israel Removes False Reference to Jerusalem ‘Curfew’

Following communication from CAMERA, Times of Israel removes the false claim that a "police-enforced curfew" was imposed on residents of the Old City's Muslim Quarter during the Jerusalem Day march celebrating the 50th anniversary of the city's reunification.

Times of Israel Adds Information on Controversial Poster

Times of Israel adds information reflecting a conflicting account that a second student added the phrase "this is called incitement" along with a Rabin poster to a controversial image of Netanyahu with a noose.

CAMERA Elicits Times of Israel Correction on Disputed Gaza Death

CAMERA prompts correction of a Times of Israel article which reported that the IDF said troops weren't in the area when Abdulrahman Al-Dabag was killed. The amended article notes that the military statement that forces in the area fired tear gas.