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Toronto Star Corrects: Meg Ryan Never Boycotted Israel

Shortly after CAMERA prompted a Toronto Star correction stating that Bruce Willis never boycotted Israel, the paper corrects about another celebrity who never supported BDS. Following urging from CAMERA, editors correct: "Meg Ryan has never boycotted Israel."

Meg Ryan’s Publicist: Ryan Didn’t Boycott Israel

Days after the Toronto Star unequivocally corrected that Bruce Willis "never boycotted Israel," Stephen Huvane, publicist for Hollywood star Meg Ryan, tells CAMERA: "Meg Ryan has not participated in any boycott against Israel."

Toronto Star Corrects: Bruce Willis Never Boycotted Israel

CAMERA prompts a Toronto Star correction stating that Bruce Willis never boycotted Israel. The paper's public editor details how the reporter was misled by a pro-BDS Web site, and describes CAMERA's role in setting the record straight.

Journalists Buy Falsehoods on Gaza Shipments

Raed Fattouh, a Palestinian Authority official, is selling the falsehood that certain products -- clothes, shoes, wood and aluminum -- are entering the Gaza Strip for the first time since 2007, and journalists are buying in bulk.

Second Update: Journalists Ignore Threat to Public Square

Anti-Israel activists are exhibiting naked hostility toward Jews at rallies throughout North America. Media coverage of this hostility has been scant, leaving citizens to rely on amateur videographers for information about this development.

Hamas Manufacture a “Crisis,” But Media Blame Israel

While some media reports now include statements from Israeli officials maintaining that Hamas manufactured the disputed crisis and accusing the terrorist group of responsibility for hardships, almost all ignore similar statements from Arabs.