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Shifa Hospital Plaza

No Power in Gaza, Hospitals Shutting Down? Watch this Video

Hamas-controlled health authorities have been claiming -- for weeks -- that Gaza hospitals will have to close in a day or two for lack of power, and this has been repeated by numerous media outlets. But what Hamas is omitting is that thanks to a UN/WHO program Gaza hospitals have extensive solar panel installations on their roofs, which can supply a substantial portion of their power needs. Watch the video and see for yourself.

Wall Street Journal Flouts Ethics with Israel Child-Killer Charge

When are gun-wielding teenage Islamic Jihad members involved in violent clashes defined as "children"? The answer is when the WSJ's Stephen Kalin is reporting and Journal "corrections" editors endorse the biased misinformation. How does this scenario square with the Journal's professed adherence to journalistic ethics and commitment to ensuring reader "trust"? Answer: It doesn't.

Wall Street Journal Downplays Palestinian Rejectionism

An online headline in yesterday’s Journal, “As Israel’s Left Suffers Defeat, So Does Two-State Solution,” ignored the many times Palestinian leadership rejected independence, inverting cause and effect.

UPDATED: The Media Erodes the Jewish Claim to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount

The Western media has increasingly abetted Palestinian propaganda efforts to erase the Jewish claim to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Far too many journalists today accept the historic revisionism and political falsehoods put out by Palestinian activists and leaders and promote it with their own jargon and linguistic tricks.