Washington Post

The Washington Post and the ‘Khashoggi Way’ of Journalism

Media coverage of Israel is, with growing frequency, more comparable to activism than actual journalism. Indeed, as the Shireen Abu Akleh controversy highlights, journalists are failing to ask basic questions while simultaneously giving platforms and awards to activists masquerading as reporters.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post Convicts Israel

A recent Washington Post investigation insinuated that Israeli Defense Forces killed Al Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh. Yet, the Post reached its verdict in advance, with some reporters accusing the IDF of a “cold-blooded murder” only hours after her death, before the facts were known.

The Washington Post, ‘Electrical Engineers,’ and Antisemites

The Washington Post's recent story cited an “electrical engineer and activist,” using him to steer the story. In fact, he's a known anti-Israel activist with a documented history of associating with antisemites. To the Post this makes him a trusted source. That's “journalism” in 2022.

For the Washington Post, Jewish Pride is a Provocation

The Washington Post's coverage of Israel's recent Jerusalem Day reveals the newspaper's bias against the Jewish state. The Post failed, yet again, to discern the true source of the Israel-Islamist conflict: Palestinian rejection of Jewish social and political equality.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The U.S. State Department and Antisemitism

Despite earlier criticisms, the U.S. State Department has decided to treat Amnesty International as a credible source. And as CAMERA told the Algemeiner, it isn't the first instance of Foggy Bottom giving undue credibility to antisemites. Rather, it is more evidence of a long-running pattern.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Iran is Willing to Fight to the Last Israeli Arab

Violent crime, including homicides, has been skyrocketing in some of Israel's Arab communities. But while a disinterested press tries to blame Israel, a growing body of evidence links the increase to Iran. As CAMERA tells the Jewish Policy Center's inFOCUS Magazine, Tehran is funneling arms into Israel.

The Press Covers Antisemites—But Omits the Antisemitism

Two recent reports by mainstream U.S. news outlets highlight the media's failure to treat antisemitism seriously. Both the Washington Post and the Philadelphia Inquirer profiled individuals with a history of antisemitism, only to omit or obfuscate the antisemitism itself.