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CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post Covers for UNRWA, Again

Compelling evidence has emerged indicating that UNRWA employees took part in the October 7 massacre. As CAMERA tells the Algemeiner, this is part of a long-standing pattern at the UN agency. The Washington Post, however, ignores the long history, and sordid mission, of UNRWA.

The Washington Post Reprints Antisemitic Blood Libel

A Hamas press release has accused Israel of harvesting the organs of dead Palestinians. A Washington Post reprint of the Hamas statement tells readers that ‘the claims could not be independently verified.’

The Washington Post Covers for CAIR, Again

The executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations hailed the October 7th massacre of civilians by Hamas, prompting a rebuke from the White House. Yet the Washington Post, which frequently quotes the faux civil rights organization, failed to note either the rebuke or CAIR's praise for Hamas.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Dear Media, Hamas Couldn’t Do it Without You

The press has helped Hamas by playing into its narrative. Post columnists like Ishaan Tharoor and Karen Attiah have accused the Jewish state of genocide while actively obfuscating Israel's efforts to limit civilian casualties and Hamas's efforts to encourage them. As CAMERA tells the Washington Times, Hamas wants their human shields. And too many in the press want to shield Hamas.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post’s Blood Libel

The Washington Post has accused Israel of genocide. But as CAMERA tells JNS, facts show that Israel is actively working to reduce casualties while Hamas is working to encourage them. But for the Post, Hamas remains a trusted source.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post Wants You to Trust Hamas

Both common sense and experience should tell journalists not to trust Hamas, a genocidal U.S.-designated terrorist group that uses human shields. Both journalists and policymakers, including the U.S. Secretary of State, have warned not to do so. But the Washington Post is advocating for trusting the terror organization.