Washington Times

Elie Wiesel Challenges President Obama; Washington Post Misses Story

 President Barack Obama and Elie Wiesel visited the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in connection with Holocaust Remembrance Day. While there, Wiesel challenged the president over Syrian repression and Iranian threats against Israel. Washington Post coverage omitted the biggest news.  

‘Occupied’ or ‘Disputed’ Depends on Israel’s Involvement

 What's the difference -- in news media coverage -- between Kashmir and the West Bank? It seems to be that, for the press, the former is "disputed" territory but the latter is "occupied." Yet sovereignty over the West Bank most definitely is unresolved and disputed.

Media Ignores Assyrian Fight for Survival

Assyrians and other indigenous populations in Iraq are fighting for their survival. The mainstream media in the U.S has largely ignored their efforts to establish a safe haven in the Nineveh Plains.

Media Coverage of “Nakba Day” and Infiltration Attempts

Reporting of Arab "Nakba Day" commemorations was a mixed bag, with problematic reporting by some of the usual suspects — Time's Karl Vick opted to obfuscate rather than clarfiy, Washington Times coverage bested the Post's, and false Palestinian claims that refugees were all forced from their homes in 1948 were heard.

Washington Post Intelligence Lapses Over Charles Freeman

The Washington Post prides itself on its national security coverage. But the Washington Times scooped it in covering the controversy over former Amb. Charles "Chas" Freeman Jr.'s selection as chairman of the National Intelligence Council.