Washington Times

CAMERA Prompts Corrections at Washington Times

CAMERA staff prompted the following corrections at the Washington Times following an article which erroneously identified the Sea of Galilee as Syrian and Shebaa Farms as Lebanese:

CAMERA Letter in Washington Times Educates on Hezbollah

The letter responds to an article that describes Hezbollah as "the Lebanese Shi'ite political/paramilitary/social organization that is trained and financed by Iran," which omits a more basic description.

CAMERA Letter on Mideast Demographics in Washington Times

The letter asserts: "Your article 'Palestinians mull a majority' (Page 1, Feb. 27) notes, 'One group of Israeli researchers ... charge that the Palestinian census is riddled with mistakes.' However, it fails to explain why." The reasons are then listed.

CAMERA Letter in Washington Times Educates on Barrier

The letter explained the International Court of Justice opinion on Israel's security barrier was merely advisory in nature, and that the barrier, a counterterrorism measure, is built on land whose status is disputed.

CAMERA Letter Clarifies Reason for Palestinian Refugees

The letter in the Washington Times notes that, were it not for the Arab rejection of U.N. General Assembly Resolution 181 and the initiation by Israel's neighbors of a war of extermination, there would be no Palestinian refugees.

Washington Times Publishes CAMERA Letters

Washington Times recently published two CAMERA letters, one correcting two factual errors in a Times news story, and another addressing an inaccurate description of Hamas in a Times Op-Ed.