Tall Tale: Gaza Source Powers Media Falsehood About Mountain of Batteries

History shows it doesn't take much for Gaza sources to override the essential journalistic dose of skepticism. After gargantuan flour consumption and Israeli-induced flooding, the latest tall tale hits the MRI machine-bereft territory: soaring mountains of spent batteries as high as the Arc de Triomphe.

AFP: Israelis in the South ‘Got Used To’ Rocket Attacks

One does not get used to being under rocket fire anymore than one gets used to domestic violence, sexual abuse, or any other trauma which harms a person's sense of well-being, security and safety, and which inflicts long-term emotional scars.

Ynet Falsely Claims Hamas Committed to 2-State Solution

Not for the first time, Hamas has stated it would accept a state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip—from which it would continue its struggle against Israel's existence. And not for the first time, a news organization wrongly announced that Hamas has accepted the "two-state solution."

Reuters Errs on ‘Palestinian Soldiers’

UPDATE: "[P]er the Oslo Accords, the PA is not permitted a conventional military but maintains security and police forces," the CIA Factbook rightly notes. CAMERA prompts corrections in English, Arabic and Spanish after Reuters mischaracterized Palestinian security officers and police as "soldiers."

AP Improves Language on Gaza Blockade

CAMERA prompts improved language after the AP initially reported that that the Egyptian-Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip was "[o]stensibly meant to prevent arms from reaching Hamas."

Clearing the Smog: Media Err on Israeli Pollution

In a WHO report about the countries with the most air pollution, Israel, along with Peru and Lebanon, are in 24th place. So why did several Israeli media outlets report that Israel ranked 12th?