Ahmad Tibi

The LA Times Whitewashes Ahmad Tibi

Recently, the LA Times interviewed two politicians – Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and Arab MK Ahmad Tibi, putting the paper's bias on full display. While controversies surrounding Barkat were detailed, reporter Edmund Sanders failed to inform readers of Tibi's support for Israel's enemies and allowed him to distort numerous other facts.

Mainline Churches Embrace Burge’s False Narrative

In 2003, Pilgrim Press published a book that is filled with inaccuracies and sourcing problems. Despite these inaccuracies, it has been embraced by "peace" activists in the U.S as a trusted source of information.

Israeli Arab Rights and Wrongs

Too often, reports on Israel's minority include false platitudes about ethnicity-related gaps in income and municipal services.

CAMERA Op-Ed: NPR’s Gradstein Falsely Labels Israel “Extremist”

National Public Radio's Linda Gradstein recently reported Israel's attempt to bar Israeli-Arab politician Ahmed Tibi from running in upcoming elections because of his alleged support for attacks against Israelis and his denial of the state's legitimacy (Israel's Supreme Court reinstated Tibi a few days later). Among those Gradstein interviewed was Shmuel Sandler, an Israeli professor whom she described as seeing "growing extremism" among his countrymen: