Ariel Sharon

      A Promised Land: Obama’s Memoirs Malign Israel

      A Promised Land
      By Barack Obama
      Crown Publishing, 2020

      The first volume of the 44th American president's memoirs are filled with errors and omissions about Israel. And, as CAMERA's book review shows, they are all one-sided. Worse still, Obama even minimizes Palestinian terrorism.

      In the Palestinian Authority, Journalism in the Service of the Revolution

      Freedom of the press and freedom of expression exist only superficially in the Palestinian Authority, where the government has adopted the principle of "journalism in the service of the revolution," observes veteran Israeli journalist Yoni Ben-Menachem, targeted for reporting stories unfavorable to Palestinian officials.

      With Ariel Sharon’s Death, Expect the Usual Falsehoods

      Ariel SharonWith the death of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon the usual media falsehoods about him, for example regarding Sabra and Shatilla, or the sparking of the second intifada, once again need to be of debunked.

      AFP’s Timeline of Bias, Redux

      A lopsided AFP timeline outlining 20 years since the Oslo Accords recounts Israel's counter-terrorism actions while completely ignoring the Palestinian violence that prompted them.

      Fisk Warps the Facts

      An excerpt from Robert Fisk's book, published on the Independent online edition, provides example after example of why the British journalist's work is seen as "warped" and uninformed.