Jimmy Carter

Carter Outlier

New Carter Bio Repeats Carter’s Old anti-Israel Lies

Kai Bird’s very positive new biography of Jimmy Carter unfortunately perpetuates a blatant lie the former president has been telling for more than 40 years – that Israeli PM Menachem Begin broke his Camp David promise of an open-ended settlement freeze. In fact Begin had promised, and delivered, a three month freeze, and Carter knows this.

Jimmy Carter, Middle East Mirage USA Today Thought it Saw

Former President Jimmy Carter falsified Arab-Israeli diplomatic history, again. In USA Today, again. He wants America to punish Israel for Palestinian rejectionism, again. Do Nobel Peace Prizes come with expiration dates?

Jimmy Carter Shills for Hamas, Again, Now in Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy gives former U.S. President Jimmy Carter space to shill yet again—foolish consistency and anti-Israel minds, etc.—for Hamas. Being an ex-president apparently means some people will listen no matter what nonsense you utter.

Washington Post Allows Carter to Shill for Hamas

No sooner had the rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas initialed a unity agreement, than Jimmy Carter turned up on The Washington Post's Op-Ed page, urging the United States to give anti-Israel actors a chance. Again.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Carter’s Elders of Anti-Zion

The Elders of Zion, a czarist forgery, contributed to antisemitism in pre-Holocaust Europe. The Elders, as they call themselves, are all too real, and -- despite their stated intention -- helping spread anti-Zionism.