Mahmoud Abbas

Apple News, Where Antisemites Are Always Welcome

You just published an antisemitic diatribe on an Arabic news site? Great, come publish at Apple News! Apple News continues to give a platform to rabid antisemite Abdel Bari Atwan.

The Washington Post Makes the Palestinian Authority Disappear

The Washington Post continues its long-standing magic trick of making the Palestinian Authority disappear. In fact, the Authority, which rules over the majority of Palestinians, is slowly eroding. The many media outlets who have refused to hold the PA accountable share the blame for its failures.

CAMERA Op-Ed: What Led Israel to Go Into Jenin

At the beginning of July, Israeli Defense Forces launched a major counterterrorist operation in Jenin. Many mainstream news outlets failed to provide essential context about the raid. As CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner, the Palestinian Authority's support for terrorism, both implicit and otherwise, have given the leading state sponsor of terror, Iran, an opening to attack Israel.

Yet Again, the NY Times Conceals Extremism by Palestinian Leader

The New York Times covered Mahmoud Abbas’s speech this week at the UN, except for the parts that it covered up: the Holocaust inversion, the denial of history, the sections that would have showed readers the ugliness of the Palestinian leader’s extremism.

The Washington Post’s World View Infantilizes Palestinians, Again

The Washington Post's world view on Israel is profoundly distorted. The newspaper's vaunted foreign affairs columnist is once again depriving Palestinians of independent agency, omitting their leadership's predilection for supporting terror and rejecting peace.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Whither Abbas?

The U.S.-backed Palestinian Authority is led by an unpopular kleptocrat, Mahmoud Abbas. But as CAMERA tells Jewish Policy Center's InFocus Magazine, the end of Abbas's rule is coming, one way or the other. And the U.S. would be well advised to plan for the chaos that is likely to follow.