Saree Makdisi

In Boycott Call, Professor Saree Makdisi Flunks On Israeli Education

Professor Saree Makdisi of UCLA is unfettered by journalistic or academic standards. He falsely claimed Friday in The Los Angeles Times, “there is not a single high school in the Palestinian communities in the Negev desert in southern Israel.” Actually, there are more than 40.

L A Times Lets Saree Makdisi Incriminate Himself, Again

UCLA Prof. Saree Makdisi, an anti-Israel polemicist, popped up in The Los Angeles Times again. This time he tried to shield BDS intolerance with academic freedom. Thanks to The Los Angeles Jewish Journal, CAMERA exposed his fraud. 

Los Angeles Times Op-Ed Denies Delegitimization

M.J. Rosenberg argues in the Los Angeles Times that “Israel can't be delegitimized, and no one is trying to do so.” In fact, one does not have to look beyond the LA Times Op-Ed pages to find a slew of columns doing just that.

CAMERA Prompts NPR Correction on Hezbollah Rockets

CAMERA staff prompted a correction at National Public Radio yesterday, following an earlier "All Things Considered" report which falsely stated that Hezbollah fired rockets at Israel only after Israel hit Lebanon with airstrikes last summer.

At LA Times, ‘Chronology’ Redefined

In July 2006, Los Angeles Times correctly reported that Hezbollah was the first to launch projectiles in last summer's war. Since then, the newspaper has twice refused to correct erroneous claims that Israel was the first to fire.