Tony Kushner

Liberating Theater J from Diva Ari Roth

Defenders of ousted Theater J artistic director Ari Roth portray him as a martyr to artistic freedom. Doing so excuses theatrical anti-Israel agit-prop. On-stage fiction, yes; defamation no.

Updated: Tony Kushner’s Anti-Israel Falsehoods Thwart CUNY Award

Update: Board of trustees reverse decision and grant degree. The award-winning playwright, much accustomed to kudos and hero-worship, is shocked to find not everyone accepts his slanders about Israel. Displaying characteristic indifference to the facts of Israel's long efforts to achieve peace in the face of aggression, he claims it's a terrible historical problem that modern Israel came into existence."

Kushner Charges McCarthyism

Playwright Tony Kushner has responded to questions about his many extreme comments regarding Israel with an outlandish claim in the New York Sun (April 25, 2006) that his "past statements have been taken out of context by groups using "˜McCarthyite' tactics to portray him as an extremist."

Munich and the Kushner Connection

Word of playwright Tony Kushner's involvement in Steven Spielberg's Munich set off alarms among those familiar with his extreme anti-Israel positions and indifference to facts about the Arab-Israeli conflict. A glance at his statements and affiliations suggests why.

Munich (2005)

Directed by Steven Spielberg Written by Tony Kushner, Eric Roth English, German, Italian, French 163 minutes
Briefly, the movie presents, via pulse-pounding scenes of kidnaping, death, stalking and more death, the message that Israel was brutal, bungling and immoral in its reaction to the massacre. True, the hostage-takers were also brutal; but dispossessing Palestinians, we soon learn, lies at the root.