San Francisco Chronicle Clarifies Barghouti’s Misinformation

Palestinian activist Mustafa Barghouti misinformed San Francisco Chronicle readers concerning Israel’s West Bank barrier. CAMERA prompted the following correction.

Error (San Francisco Chronicle, Mustafa Barghouti interview with Jonathan Curiel, 7/14/04): But they’re building it [the Israeli barrier] inside the occupied territories, and claiming 58 percent of the West Bank.

Correction (7/30/04): In a story July 14 about Israel’s barrier, a quotation from Palestinian activist Mustafa Barghouti may have implied that the barrier would be responsible for an additional 58 percent of the West Bank coming under Israeli control. According to the United Nations, the figure is closer to 14 percent. Barghouti’s estimate, according to his spokesperson, related to the total amount of West Bank land that Israel has taken control of since the country’s creation in 1948.

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