Thumbs Down to David Greenway

THUMBS DOWN to David Greenway, Editorial Page Editor of the Boston Globe, for many highly distorted editorials about Israel. Routine references to Israel as a “colonial” master were compounded by a stunning June 8, 1995, column entitled “Normality in the Mideast.” In the piece Israel is accused of bending to the “local mores” because it had, allegedly with help from Yasir Arafat’s security services, arrested several dozen Hamas members. Israel is likened to Syria whose “secret police would help Palestinians massacre Christians one day only to switch sides the next and help Phalangists slit Palestinian throats.” The Globe claims, “Israel has already dabbled at this pastime.” Not only is the analogy baseless and defamatory, but it omits all mention of the unprecedented anti-Israel terrorism that provoked the Hamas arrests. Likewise, Arafat’s obligation to curb terror, as established in the Oslo Accords, is ignored. Thus, while the Globe has exhorted Israel to pursue peace efforts with all its risks, when Arafat acts finally to control terrorism, Israel is accused of bloody political maneuvering. Such fatuous criticism echoes the notorious 1988 Globe comparison of an Israeli-Arab confrontation (involving no injuries) to the Nazi slaughter of 35,000 Jews at Babi Yar!

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