Microsoft’s Encarta Muddles the Middle East

Distortions about the Middle East dispensed by the mass media can mislead news consumers of all ages, but especially worrisome is misinformation purveyed in reference works. Microsoft's popular Encarta Encyclopedia, available on the Internet and in expanded form on CD, is a troubling mix of solid information, bias and error.

Confrontation@Concordia (2003)

Confrontation @ Concordia (2003) Produced and Directed by Martin Himel 47 minutes
In September 2002, anti-Israel activists staged a violent riot at Montreal's Concordia to prevent Benjamin Netanyahu from addressing Hillel students. The film examines intolerance and violent activism on campus.

“Covering” or “Covering Up” a Palestinian Solidarity Rally?

“A stand for freedom” read the headline of a recent New Jersey Star Ledger editorial (July 20) commending New Jersey Governor McGreevey for allowing an upcoming pro-Palestinian conference at Rutgers University devoted to divestment from Israel. The event will also “celebrate Palestinian resistance.”

Directing Campus Discussion: A Case Study

In a campus atmosphere hostile to Israel, how can pro-Israel students effectively convey their message? The key is to tailor the message to the student audience, a heterogenous group of different backgrounds and opinions.

Fighting Campus Defamation

At rallies, demonstrations and other charged events at campuses across North America, pro-Israel students have faced harassment, at times violent, from their pro-Palestinian counterparts. These students have legal options and other means of recourse.

Poetic Lies

At Yale, Amiri Baraka discusses his controversial poem which suggests Israel had prior knowledge of the September 11 attacks. Students expose his ignorant views.

Academic Freedom and ‘Negative Tolerance’

The violent suppression of freedom of expression at Montreal's Concordia University in September directly reflects the resort to force, intimidation and terrorism which has plagued the Middle East for many years.

Challenging Prejudice and Bias in the Classroom

Bashing Israel has been a popular campus activity since the rise of student radicalism in the late 1960's but during the past year some Harvard students have noted an increase of anti-Israel bias inside the classroom.