Mohammed Al Dura

BACKGROUNDER: Mohammed Al Dura

UPDATED: More than 12 years after France 2 aired a report claiming that Israeli soldiers shot dead 12-year-old Mohammed Al Dura,  an Israeli government review committee has concluded that there was no evidence for those claims and that the report was used as propaganda that provoked violence and hatred against Israel and contributed to the delegitimization of the Jewish state.  CAMERA sorts out the claims and counter-claims. 

Ha’aretz Manipulates Child Casualty Figures

Blaming the IDF for nearly 1,000 child deaths, a Ha'aretz editorial dismisses the Israeli government report on Al Dura as "dubious," "barely serious." But Ha'aretz's own accusations, based on distortions of B'Tselem figures, are just that.

13-Year Controversy Over Al Dura Incident Continues

An Israeli government review committee concluded that a Sept. 2000 France 2 broadcast alleging Israeli soldiers killed Mohammed Al Dura -- a claim which spawned intense hatred and violence against Israel -- had no basis in fact. This confirms what many skeptics have been contending all along, but has not laid the issue to rest.

Robert Mackey Cherry-Picks James Fallows on Al Dura

Not for the first time, New York Times news blogger Robert Mackey distorted the views of fellow journalists by cherry-picking quotations and presenting them out of context. The latest victim (aside from Israel, of course) is The Atlantic's James Fallows.

More Support for Those Calling Al Dura Broadcast a Hoax

A private French TV channel is found guilty of slander after airing a documentary accusing media monitor Philippe Karsenty of manipulating information to support the  perspective that the broadcast of Mohammed Al Dura's death on France 2 was staged. 

NBC Defends False Comparison of Muhammad Al-Dura to Iranian Victim

NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel likened the killing of Neda Agha-Soltani to the discredited Muhammad al-Dura story and, when challenged to correct the false analogy, network news president Steve Capus ignored the issue completely and cited the numerous journalistic awards of his reporter.

The Silence of the New York Times

NY TimesThe New York Times' faulty news judgement has struck again – front page coverage of the seven Palestinian students in Gaza who were temporarily denied their Fulbright scholarships, but none of a major French court decision in the famed Muhammad al Dura case. The court decided in favor of a critic's right to charge the event was a "hoax."

Timeline of the Al Dura Affair: A French Media Scandal

For years, Charles Enderlin of French public television network France 2 has been battling accusations that his September 30, 2000 newscast of a Palestinian boy allegedly shot to death by Israelis was staged. The Israeli government has now joined the chorus of voices that insist the broadcast was staged for propaganda purposes.