Conflict and War

Kristof’s Blame-Israel Rant

Nicholas Kristof argues that U.S. politicians "have learned to muzzle themselves" on Israel and such "silence harms America." But he himself keeps mum on key information that contradicts his argument.

PC(USA) Promotes “Propaganda” Film

The Presbyterian Church (USA)'s General Assembly rescinded its previous decision to target Israel for "phased, selective divestment" in 2006, but its leaders are still offering a distorted narrative about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

False Israeli “Massacre” Story Resurrected

 A documentary on Israeli state TV has triggered a new furor over a debunked charge the IDF massacred POW's during the 6 Day War. In reality, the IDF treated wounded POW's.

Video: Casualty Count Distortions and Hezbollah Propaganda

A video companion to CAMERA's work exposing the Hezbollah propaganda campaign of this summer. The terrorist group had claimed that in the fighting against Israel which it started, most of the Lebanese casualties were civilians, and that few Hezbollah fighters had been killed. In fact, the evidence suggests that most of those killed were Hezbollah fighters.