‘Gaza Strikes Back’: UPI Hits Rock Bottom

"Gaza strikes back at Israel after enduring months of war" was the United Press International headline whose relationship to reality mirrors that of George Lucas' "The Empire Strikes Back" science fiction favorite.

AP Mum on Egypt’s Closure of Crossing, Faulting Israel For Rafah Food Shortages

AP conceals that Egypt refuses to coordinate with Israel on the transfer of aid, thereby preventing the passage of food through Rafah crossing into the Gaza Strip. By falsely holding Israel responsible for the reported food shortage, AP piles on to the tampered evidence upon which the ICC has built its whole rotten case.

Tucker Carlson’s assault on American Christian support for Israel

Under the guise of advocating for Palestinian Christians, Tucker Carlson launched a two-pronged assault on American Christian support for the Jewish State. To provide legitimacy for his campaign, he enlisted the help of Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, a notorious propagandist for the Palestinian anti-Israel narrative.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Gaza, the Day After

Militarily, Israel's war against Hamas and other Gaza-based proxies is going well. Indeed, the IDF has made remarkable gains. But diplomatically and politically, the post-war phase will present Israel with numerous challenges, as CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner.

Buckle Up: NPR Takes Listeners For A Ride 30,000 Trucks Long

Truckers are accustomed to very long journeys, but what about a line of 30,000 vehicles waiting for months on end to pass inspections and cross a border? If that sounds like beyond the realm of reason, it's because it is. Introducing Jane Arraf's tall tale of the wide loads.