International Organizations & Campaigns Against Israel

CAMERA Op-Ed: Bronner’s Flotilla Bias

For The New York Times bureau chief, the latest flotilla campaign organized by terrorist groups and anti-Israel radicals brought to mind, amazingly, Holocaust survivors seeking refuge in pre-state Israel on the Exodus. The sum of the "news analysis" was one more example of fact-anemic bias by the paper.

Washington Post Flotilla II Coverage Lost at Sea

 The Washington Post's reputation for investigative journalism, from 1970s Watergate coverage on, is well known. But when it comes to the story behind the much-hyped "Gaza aid flotilla II," The Post doesn't want to know. Late June reporting was a poor example for journalists and a disservice to readers.

Gaza, the Flotilla and the Blockade: Facts and Law

Israel supplies GazaUnder international law Israel has the right to blockade Gaza and stop any flotilla or boats heading there because Hamas has created a state of armed conflict by launching more than 10,000 rockets and mortars into Israel targeting and killing civilians. Despite this, Israel still allows inspected food and other humanitarian goods into Gaza.