Manipulation of Statistics

PCHR Covers Up Combatant Deaths in Gaza

Once again, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights covers up combatant casualties. In the latest round of Gaza violence, PCHR ignores at least two, and possibly more, Islamic Jihad fatalities.

Gaza Casualties: Civilian or Combatant?

The Israeli army has published figures claiming 70 percent of the Palestinians killed in the Gaza fighting were combatants. This contradicts Palestinian claims that most of the dead were unarmed civilians. CAMERA's analysis found 3/4 of the fatalities were adult males.

Hamas Manipulates UN with Dubious Casualty Figures

The United Nations humanitarian chief seems unaware that Hamas cynically uses the Western media — and humanitarian officials — to spread the misinformation it disseminates for propaganda purposes.

CAMERA Rebuttal Published in Post-Gazette

After a column in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette heaped praise on Jimmy Carter's new book while ignoring the many substantive complaints about the book's errors and distortions, the newspaper published the following CAMERA rebuttal.

Palestinian Fatalities in Israeli Gaza Strip Operations

How many Palestinians killed by Israeli counter-terrorism operations in Gaza were combatants? Contrary to allegations by Physicians for Human Rights and some news coverage, the majority of them were indeed combatants.

More False Symmetry from Newsweek

By implying that Egyptians and Israelis alike are angry about the peace treaty between their countries, Newsweek creates the illusion of symmetry out of completely asymmetrical situations.