LA Times Corrects Headline, Article on Palestinian Terrorism

Following a complaint from CAMERA, The Los Angeles Times amends a headline which grossly whitewashed Palestinian terrorism, depicting the perpetrators as victims. The paper also corrects that two, not one, Israeli civilians were stabbed Saturday.

LA Times Corrects Caption That Downplayed Har Nof Atrocity

An erroneous Los Angeles Times caption minimized Ghassan Abu Jamal's heinous 2014 crime as "attacking a religious school," ignoring his multiple murder victims in Har Nof. The amended caption notes he killed five Israelis in a Jerusalem synagogue.

Los Angeles Times Corrects: Nahariya Not a Settlement

CAMERA staff elicited a correction from the Los Angeles Times today that Nahariya, the northern Israeli town where Samir Kuntar carried out a terrorist attack in 1979, is not a Jewish settlement. Beyond the factual error, Tempest's article was extremely one-sided, drawing a sympathetic, emotive picture of the "plight" of Samir Kuntar and his family, while completely ignoring that of his victims.