United Nations on Israel

CAMERA Op-Ed: Multiple Universities Give Institutional Support to Antisemitism

Far from being centers of enlightenment and progress, too many universities are instead establishing themselves as hotbeds of bigotry and backwardness, embracing the kind of crude antisemitic conspiracy theories that helped fuel some of history’s most violently racist moments, from pogroms to the Holocaust.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The UN’s Lose-Lose Inquisitions of Israel

The answer as to why these actors are so militant about appointing and defending known anti-Israel partisans and antisemites should be obvious. A fair analysis of the allegations would not produce the outcome they so desire. Whether ensuring only anti-Israel partisans are appointed to investigate Israel or crying “smear campaign” when those partisans are caught saying the quiet part out loud, these actors are invested in creating a lose-lose game for the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

Breaking Travel News Loses Its Way In Anti-Israel World Cup Coverage

"Breaking Travel News" loses its compass, searching for the Jewish state's capital, but turning up in Tel Aviv. The early takeoff of the travel publication's World FIFA coverage crashes and burns with anti-Israel invective demonizing the "occupation" or "apartheid" state.

A UN Seminar Teaches Antisemitism, Encourages Bias

“Who’s controlling the media? Who’s controlling the strong machine?” These were the questions asked at a recent UN media seminar, where officials seemed to be all too comfortable with the suggestion that a manipulative Jewish cabal is controlling the levers of power.

The Nation’s UN Correspondent Publishes Rank Antisemitism and Blatant Lies

Once you boil away the antisemitism and false claims, Crossette’s article comes down to the fact that a Jewish opinion editor and an Israeli ambassador separately expressed opposition to a bigot being honored with an award, and the only conclusion Crossette can find is that there is an “Israel lobbying campaign,” instead of two Jews having an understandable problem with antisemites being honored in Germany in 2022.