US-Israel Relations and Aid

Tony Judt, the New York Times, and the anti-Israel bandwagon

Whom did the New York Times choose to write an op-ed about the controversy over claims by two academics that the "Israel Lobby" distorts U.S. foreign policy to the detriment of U.S. interests? None other than Tony Judt, who has called Israel an "anachronism" which should be done away with.

Will the real John Mearsheimer please stand up?

Professor John Mearsheimer recently coauthored a very controversial study charging that the "Israel lobby" played a critical role in the decision to go to war against Saddam's Iraq, with Jewish officials including Paul Wolfowitz supposedly acting in the interest of Israel rather than the U.S. But just 15 months ago Mearsheimer stated the opposite, saying that Wolfowitz in particular acted in good faith, believing in his "heart of hearts" that "Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and that he was joined at the hip with Osama Biin Laden." In other words, Prof. Mearsheimer has some explaining to do.

Harvard Backs Away from “Israel Lobby” Professors; Removes Logo from Controversial Paper

A widely criticized report by Harvard professor Stephen Walt and University of Chicago professor John Mearsheimer that faults the "Israel lobby" for allegedly distorting the foreign policy of the United States to the detriment of U.S. interests, no longer sports the Harvard logos that previously appeared on its front page, and instead carries a devastating disclaimer from the two universities.

Study Decrying “Israel Lobby” Marred by Numerous Errors

A new study by Harvard professor Stephen Walt and University of Chicago professor John Mearsheimer charges, with no legitimate evidence and many errors, that the "Israel lobby" has distorted the foreign policy of the United States to the point of serious damage to U.S. interests. (Updated April 3, 2006)

Sharon Stroke Coverage: The Washington Post Stumbles

Historians will have to treat the Post's first- and second-day coverage of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Jan. 4 stroke skeptically. Glenn Kessler's analysis repeatedly misrepresents U.S.-Israeli and Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy. The Post's editorial commenting on Sharon's incapacitation is superficial and mistaken. Scott Wilson's news articles misleads on fundamentals of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Hastings’ Mideast Expert Wrong on U.S. Aid

In a recent Op-Ed, George Bisharat, a professor at UC Hastings College of the Law, vastly overstated U.S. aid to Israel and entirely misrepresented Arab and Jewish demographics in Jerusalem.

Discredited Qumsiyeh at Center of Davos Fracas

Mazin Qumsiyeh, a former Yale University associate professor of genetics, frequently publishes Op-Eds relying on misinformation to make his case for the replacement of Israel with a "binational state." According to today's New York Times, Qumsiyeh is now at the center of an uproar at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos for penning a magazine article calling for an international boycott of Israel and accusing Israel of "apartheid" practices.

Partisanship in the Guardian’s Middle East Coverage

In recent years, some have accused the Guardian of fueling hostility towards the Jewish state through its unbalanced reporting of events in the Middle East. The coverage by Brian Whitaker, who has served as the paper's Middle East Editor since May 1999 and contributes articles for Guardian Unlimited, the internet edition of the Guardian, as well as the Guardian paper, is representative of the paper's perspective.

Munich and the Kushner Connection

Word of playwright Tony Kushner's involvement in Steven Spielberg's Munich set off alarms among those familiar with his extreme anti-Israel positions and indifference to facts about the Arab-Israeli conflict. A glance at his statements and affiliations suggests why.

UPDATED: Mazin Qumsiyeh Lacks Credibility

Twice within two weeks, newspapers have had to correct false statements by anti-Israel activist Mazin Qumsiyeh. These two corrections, along with the many other erroneous statements by Qumsiyeh which have passed uncorrected, reveal a disregard for facts that should be a red flag for those considering reading–or publishing–his diatribes. Update: Qumsiyeh responds to CAMERA's critique.