US-Israel Relations and Aid

The New York Times Sort of Corrects Distorted Rice Interview

In a stunning reversal, with no admission of error, the New York Times has withdrawn its claims that after the Gaza withdrawal the Bush administration will demand further imminent concessions from Israel, and is now reporting the opposite.

CAMERA Prompts New York Times Correction

CAMERA staff elicited the following New York Times correction today regarding an article Friday which inaccurately stated that President Bush called on Israel to halt construction of the West Bank barrier in "Palestinian territory":

CAMERA Letter Published in Anthropology News

CAMERA's letter refutes the claim that Israel was involved in the Abu Ghraib prisoner scandal, and clarifies that Israel does not sanction torture against its own prisoners.

CAMERA Letter Published in Washington Post

Washington CAMERA director Eric Rozenman's letter clarifying the reason for increase in Palestinian violence was published in the Washington Post on October 30.

CAMERA ALERT: Geyer Gets It Wrong, Again

Syndicated columnist Georgie Anne Geyer fell into disrepute in May of 2002 after attributing a bogus quote to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and making a false claim about Israeli advertisements. Unfortunately, her columns continue to be syndicated. She's at it again now – making unsubstantiated claims against Sharon.

New Questions Raised on CBS Spy Report

More than five weeks after CBS's Leslie Stahl broke the AIPAC "spy" story, not a single person has been charged, nor is it clear that any sensitive information was compromised. Moreover, one year ago on 60 Minutes it was the same Leslie Stahl who discredited the lead investigator in the AIPAC case for stubbornly targeting the wrong individual in a different spy investigation.