US-Israel Relations and Aid

CAMERA Letter Published in Washington Post

Washington CAMERA director Eric Rozenman's letter clarifying the reason for increase in Palestinian violence was published in the Washington Post on October 30.

CAMERA ALERT: Geyer Gets It Wrong, Again

Syndicated columnist Georgie Anne Geyer fell into disrepute in May of 2002 after attributing a bogus quote to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and making a false claim about Israeli advertisements. Unfortunately, her columns continue to be syndicated. She's at it again now – making unsubstantiated claims against Sharon.

New Questions Raised on CBS Spy Report

More than five weeks after CBS's Leslie Stahl broke the AIPAC "spy" story, not a single person has been charged, nor is it clear that any sensitive information was compromised. Moreover, one year ago on 60 Minutes it was the same Leslie Stahl who discredited the lead investigator in the AIPAC case for stubbornly targeting the wrong individual in a different spy investigation.

Spy Stories

Allegations of Israeli Spying Usually Disappear -- Eventually.

Tom Friedman Hits New Low

In a February 5th column, New York Times syndicated columnist Tom Friedman not only gets his facts wrong, but uses imagery and descriptions that are, in the familiar words of Harvard President Lawrence Summers, “anti-Semitic in their effect if not their intent.”

WSJ Columnist Overstates U.S. Aid to Israel by Almost $1 Trillion

In an Oct. 8 column entitled "Getting to Know Our New Buddy: OPEC," Wall Street Journal opinion writer Holman Jenkins overstated U.S. aid to Israel by almost a trillion dollars. His number is based on a study by economist Thomas Stauffer, which cannot be considered a credible source given that, among other absurdities, it includes aid to Arab countries as part of aid to Israel.

CAMERA Obtains Correction at New York Times

CAMERA has obtained the following correction from the New York Times:

Correction (12/3/2003): An article last Wednesday about the decision by the Bush administration to cancel $289.5 million in American-backed loan guarantees for Israel referred incorrectly to West Bank construction activities that prompted it. Although federal law requires revoking loan guarantees to penalize certain construction deemed contrary to American policy, the United States does not define the activities as illegal.

Palestinian Leadership Committing the “Unthinkable”

In their Oct. 17 Los Angeles Times article entitled "U.S. Shifts From Ally to Target in Gaza Strip," Megan Stack and Henry Chu wrote: "Presidents such as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton remain icons of American friendship, and the idea of attacking an American has been unthinkable to the Palestinian leadership, akin to throwing away one's last, best hope." How do the reporters know what Palestinian leaders have historically found thinkable or unthinkable? Perhaps such speculation would be better left to the editorial pages.